• March 19, 2013

Creative Boutonniere Ideas

Creative Boutonniere Ideas

Creative Boutonniere Ideas 150 150 La Fete Weddings

A boutonniere can make or break a groom’s outfit. Most of the time our Groom’s will purchase a custom tailored suit, and then as soon as the boutonniere is pinned, the outfit is complete. Just like the Bride’s bouquet is supposed to compliment her dress and overall style, the boutonniere is also an accessory for the big day! Here are some fabulous ideas to help inspire you to create the groom’s perfect pin-on!

Words Of Wisdom:

The boutonniere is ALWAYS pinned on the gentleman’s left shoulder.

A boutonniere should be pinned to the jacket, not a vest, and definitely not a suspender. You may see these looks online, and it does create a more “casual feel” but it is not the correct way to be pinned.

When pinning the boutonniere, the pin should only go through the lapel of the jacket. We have heard horror stories about groomsmen being poked by the pin all night!!!

When choosing the boutonnieres do some research.  Some times florists will suggest certain flowers due to durability, but they can be  SO BIG. Make sure you choose something both you & your fiancé can be happy with.

When in doubt, you can always choose a pocket square.

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