Up up and Away at the Montecito Country Club 150 150 La Fete Weddings

Up up and Away at the Montecito Country Club

Regina and Michael are the most beautiful people inside and out! I adored every minute of working with them and loved how creative Regina was. She came to me filled with ideas of jewel tone colors and a hot air balloon theme, and we worked together to create an absolutely stunning wedding reception. She worked very long hours during her engagement but still managed to accomplish many DIY projects! She made hand sewn bags for her candy display, as well as a custom frame display she created to incorporate old family wedding photos! Viewing these pictures makes me smile every time, Regina and Michael are so head over heals in love and it shows. They also had a very goofy side as you can see from their photo booth picture as well as when Michael pulled out his scuba gear to retrieve the garter. Many thanks to Brian and Brady from BB Photography for capturing this event beautifully!