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Groom’s Style by La Fete Weddings

This week we wanted to focus on our Grooms… What makes them excited? What do they think is stylish? What do they enjoy most about the wedding?  Each man is completely different when it comes to planning the wedding, but most groom’s get excited about these few things. When it comes to the groom’s style.

1) Grooms Fashion Accessories-

From Cufflinks, Bow Ties, Shoes, pocket squares to boutonnières! Check out some of our handsome grooms and their wedding day style:

Alex Hoyt And Alyssa Reichental Wedding

Photos by: Yvette Roman Photography


Photos by: Mibelle Photography

red sole
Whitney Hoek & Kenny DeAngelis Wedding
Whitney Hoek & Kenny DeAngelis Wedding
Whitney Hoek & Kenny DeAngelis Wedding

Photos by: Yvette Roman Photography


Photos by: Ashleigh Taylor Photography

2) The Cigar Bar & Lounge-

The Cigar Lounge is a new request among most of our grooms and we can completely understand why… We create a masculane atmosphere, comfy sofas and a fabulous selection of cigars from La Aroma de Havana, and sometimes bring in an expert to make suggestions, cut the ends of the cigars and light them for you! Now, I am not going to say that every bride loves this… because cigars are often VERY potent and the smell can be a bit overpowering. The cigar lounge can also have a separation effect. Sometimes we will see ALL of the ladies on the dance floor and the men are off enjoying their cigars. So if your goal is to keep everyone dancing to that fabulous band you paid for.. Then we suggest having your cigar bar & lounge at your after party. This way your can designate a section to the gentlemen that want to enjoy their cigars, and the ladies can have their own area as well.


Photo by: Mishelle Lamarand Photography


Photos by: Stephanie Hogue Photography

3) The Martini Luge-

We have done a few of these over the past few years and they are ALWAYS a huge hit with the wedding guests! This year we had an adorable couple that we worked with and the groom’s one & only request was a dirty martini luge! The ice luge turned out beautifully and he was thrilled when he walked into the reception and saw it!

martini two
Whitney Hoek & Kenny DeAngelis Wedding

Photos by Yvette Roman Photography & Last Photo by Docuvite

4) The Groomsmen Gift Ideas-

From flasks to surfboards the options are literally endless. Here is a sampling of some of our personal favorite ideas from some of our groom’s to their groomsmen:


Photos by: Ashleigh Taylor Photography


4) And finally, the one thing that separates the single from the married men- The Ring. Here is a collection of some of our favorite ring selections! When searching for the Groom’s ring, keep in mind that they should “go” together. Not only does that “ring shot” photo really stand out, the two of you should coordinate the styles in some way!


Ring Photo 1, Ring Photo 2Ring Photo 3, Ring Photo 4, Ring Photo 5, Ring Photo 6

Annnddd… I  couldn’t resist including this little gem-

This adorable flower girl got all dressed up with her grandfathers top hat & cane. You’re welcome.

Alex Hoyt And Alyssa Reichental Wedding

Photo by: Yvette Roman Photography

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Backyard Bridal Shower

There is nothing better than throwing a party in your backyard, especially when it is your own daughters bridal shower! A few weeks ago 22 close friends gathered together to celebrate Kaitlin’s upcoming wedding and it was such a lovely and memorable occasion!

The absolutely stunning table linens and napkins were provided by La Tavola Fine Linens and Cody Floral Design created the fabulous flower arrangements that added the perfect pop of color to each table top! All of the guests were told to wear a summer white dress which made the photos by Stephanie Hogue turn out gorgeous!

We munched on this incredible spread of unique cheeses, crackers, fresh fruit and hummus (some of Kaitlin’s favorite items) and sipped on a fresh lemonade cocktail. For dessert, Colette & Melissa made the most beautiful variety of fresh fruit tarts from scratch, they were absolutely delicious!

Kaitlin’s soon to be husband stopped by the backyard bridal shower to say hello to everyone!

Very special thank you to these lovely women who helped to make this day so perfect! You are each so incredibly talented and truly are the best friends to get any job done! Love you all so so much!

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Fun Foods for the Fourth of July!

Right around this time it feels like everyone is scrambling to throw their fourth of July plans together, so we thought we would share a little inspiration! Pinterest has made holiday decorating completely overwhelming with TONS of ideas, so I have done you the favor of filtering through and leaving you with all of the fun foods for the fourth of July! Follow the links provided for recipes.

Red, White and Blue Parfaits Recipe

Firecracker Ice Pops Recipe

Vanilla & Raspberry Sundaes with Spoon Shaped Cookies Recipe

Photo Source: Berry Cones! 

Berry Spritzer Recipe

Licorice Wraps! (So cute and easy)

Oreo Pops Recipe

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Summer Cocktails

It’s that time of year again… wedding season!! Now is the time to start securing all the final details for your wedding. The favors, welcome bags, final counts, seating charts, and the SUMMER COCKTAILS!!!  So if you are searching for something fun to do with your fiancé, and still haven’t decided on the perfect signature drink for your event, then it is time to try out some of these fabulous recipes:

Blood Orange Margarita:

The acidity of  fresh blood orange juice in this margarita is outstanding. The bright, tart flavors of blood orange makes a brilliantly colored cocktail and not to mention very refreshing too.


3 oz fresh Blood Orange Juice

2 oz Tequila

1 oz  Triple Sec

splash of agave nectar (syrup)


1. Rub the rim of an old fashioned glass (or whatever similar vessel you prefer) with an edge of a blood orange slice.  Swirl the rim through a small pile of kosher or sea salt to salt the rim.

2. Combine all ingredients into a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake for 15 seconds.

3. Put a few cubes of ice in your glass.  Strain the cocktail into the glass and enjoy.


The Stilleto:

2-1/2 parts Bourbon (we ♥ Maker’s Mark)

1/4 part Amaretto

1/4 part Lime Juice

Sunset in Paris:
2 oz. strawberry puree
3 oz. St. Germain
4 oz. Brut Rosé
4 oz. club soda

Pear and Cranberry Bellini

1 cup pear nectar

1 cup cranberry juice cocktail

1 bottle Prosecco or other dry sparkling white wine


In a small pitcher or large liquid measuring cup, combine pear nectar and cranberry juice cocktail. Pour 1/4 cup juice mixture into each of eight champagne glasses. Dividing evenly, top with Prosecco or other dry sparkling white wine.

 The Blackberry Sage Cooler:

This is a refreshing, easy way to make a soda  that’s lower in sugar and tastes great.  A sage simple syrup is mixed with some pureed blackberries and topped off with some club soda.  The perfect refreshment for a hot summer day!

15 medium sage leaves
4 tablespoons sugar
1 cup water
8 ounces of blackberries

Bring the water and sugar to a boil over high heat just until sugar dissolves.…

~It’s All About The Details~

Try adding a pretty little edible flower to the top of each of your summer cocktails.

This can dress up even the simplest recipes.

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Fall Cocktails

It is finally beginning to feel like fall here in Santa Barbara and we can not wait to start pulling out our big sweaters and boots! As soon as the weather starts changing our minds go straight to decorating the house, yummy pots of soup, lighting fires, and delicious fall cocktails! This is a fun way to share the joy of this season and entertain your guests, so please try out some of these delicious recipes we found on

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