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He Proposed… and I said YES! 150 150 La Fete Weddings

He Proposed… and I said YES!

We have our own wedding to plan here at La Fete! Over Easter weekend Andrew proposed and I could not be more excited to begin planning our wedding. It is honestly strange to be picking out everything for myself. After seven years of helping other brides plan and design their events, I am overwhelmed by the amount of choices I have.  From linens to flowers, band vs. DJ, locations, caterers, guest list etc… I finally understand how a bride can feel overwhelmed! But, I am blessed to have incredible friends who are professionals in this industry, and of course a mother who is a wedding expert.

So here is where our journey began…

On Saturday March 30th, Andrew decided we were going skydiving… Yes. Skydiving. I was a little bit nervous when he brought it up about a week before, and then when he said he had booked the tickets I tried to avoid thinking about it. So when Saturday morning arrived we drove up to Lompoc and jumped out of a plane at 13,000 feet… No big deal right? It was incredible! I still can’t believe we did it, but I would do a 100 more times!

When we got back to Santa Barbara Andrew suggested that we go grab drinks somewhere. He said he wanted some alone time since our families were are both in town and we would be with them for the rest of the weekend. He had been wanting to go to the new El Encanto because he had heard my mom and I talking about how beautiful it was. So we went to grab a drink and walk around the property. Then I suggested we go upstairs to my favorite spot… The Channel Islands Terrace where I was completely taken by surprise! I saw my FAVORITE linen set up on a gorgeous table and that is when Andrew got down on one knee.

We spent about 2 hours on that terrace enjoying the incredible view, sipping champagne and of course eating cheese- my favorite thing. He told me we had plans with our family for dinner around 6:30 and we we needed to meet at my parents house. When we got there I was surprised again by about 60 of our closest friends! He even flew in one of my best friends from New York to be there! I have to say this was the most incredible day of my life, to have all of our friends from LA and Santa Barbara in one room celebrating together was the perfect way to end such a spectacular day.

The photos below are some of my personal favorites taken by the extremely talented Jason Koenig of JKoe Photography. Jason is one of Andrew’s best friends who flew down from Seattle to be a part of this special day for us. Also this day would not have been possible without my mothers creative design, the help of my dear friend Chloe with Town & Country Event Rentals, and that gorgeous linen from La Tavola!

La Fete’s Annual Christmas Tea 2012 150 150 La Fete Weddings

La Fete’s Annual Christmas Tea 2012

Every year we set aside a day in December to reflect on the year that has past, share our favorite memories, and honor some of our closest friends in the event industry. This is special time for all of us to enjoy each others company around a beautiful table. This Christmas Tea was particularly special because we incorporated a company called The Giving Keys which employs the homeless and they are able to use their money from hand-stamping words onto the keys, to get off the street and finally enjoy a home of their own. When you receive a key you wear the necklace until you find a person that you feel needs the word on your key more than you do, and then you give away your key to them.  A friend of mine (also named Caitlin) started this pay-it-forward concept a few years ago and we LOVED the idea of incorporating the keys into our place cards. Heidi from Zenadia Designs  helped us to design these cards which had each woman’s name and then a short phrase describing why each word represented them. Example: Melissa, we are amazed at your ability to… and the key read “Inspire”. Each woman was incredibly touched, and we all teared up when we shared why we admire each one of those women with their specific word on the keys.

These pictures have been featured today on Pretty My Party! Click Here to see it the full post.

We designed the centerpiece mostly out of all dried materials such as pods, ornaments, cotton balls, and tufts of organza and then we plugged in a few fresh peonies! (Our favorite!) Boy, you should have seen us at Michael’s…We were not messing around! “What about this?!?” and “Oooohh…. We definitely need this!!!” But we plan on re-using all of the dried elements and converting it into a wreath for next Christmas!

We worked with Town and Country Rentals to add the gorgeous chairs which match our living room furniture, the metallic chargers and stunning silverware. We also included the incredible sequin linen and napkins from La Tavola.

Thank you so so much to Melissa Musgrove Photography for showing up early to shoot these gorgeous pictures for us! We are so blessed to have such a talented and dear friend to help us out!