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Erica + Dan’s Wedding Video 150 150 La Fete Weddings

Erica + Dan’s Wedding Video

We are super excited to share Erica + Dan’s Wedding Video highlights from Artisan Productions! This wedding took place this past Saturday at the beautiful Bacara Resort, and we are really impressed with how quickly Aaron threw this together!! We hope you enjoy this teaser and we look forward to sharing the full length video when it is completed.

Groom’s Style by La Fete Weddings 150 150 La Fete Weddings

Groom’s Style by La Fete Weddings

This week we wanted to focus on our Grooms… What makes them excited? What do they think is stylish? What do they enjoy most about the wedding?  Each man is completely different when it comes to planning the wedding, but most groom’s get excited about these few things. When it comes to the groom’s style.

1) Grooms Fashion Accessories-

From Cufflinks, Bow Ties, Shoes, pocket squares to boutonnières! Check out some of our handsome grooms and their wedding day style:

cuffsAlex Hoyt And Alyssa Reichental Weddingshoes

Photos by: Yvette Roman Photography


Photos by: Mibelle Photography

red soleWhitney Hoek & Kenny DeAngelis WeddingWhitney Hoek & Kenny DeAngelis WeddingWhitney Hoek & Kenny DeAngelis Wedding

Photos by: Yvette Roman Photography


Photos by: Ashleigh Taylor Photography

2) The Cigar Bar & Lounge-

The Cigar Lounge is a new request among most of our grooms and we can completely understand why… We create a masculane atmosphere, comfy sofas and a fabulous selection of cigars from La Aroma de Havana, and sometimes bring in an expert to make suggestions, cut the ends of the cigars and light them for you! Now, I am not going to say that every bride loves this… because cigars are often VERY potent and the smell can be a bit overpowering. The cigar lounge can also have a separation effect. Sometimes we will see ALL of the ladies on the dance floor and the men are off enjoying their cigars. So if your goal is to keep everyone dancing to that fabulous band you paid for.. Then we suggest having your cigar bar & lounge at your after party. This way your can designate a section to the gentlemen that want to enjoy their cigars, and the ladies can have their own area as well.


Photo by: Mishelle Lamarand Photography


Photos by: Stephanie Hogue Photography

3) The Martini Luge-

We have done a few of these over the past few years and they are ALWAYS a huge hit with the wedding guests! This year we had an adorable couple that we worked with and the groom’s one & only request was a dirty martini luge! The ice luge turned out beautifully and he was thrilled when he walked into the reception and saw it!

martini twoWhitney Hoek & Kenny DeAngelis Weddingmartini

Photos by Yvette Roman Photography & Last Photo by Docuvite

4) The Groomsmen Gift Ideas-

From flasks to surfboards the options are literally endless. Here is a sampling of some of our personal favorite ideas from some of our groom’s to their groomsmen:


Photos by: Ashleigh Taylor Photography


4) And finally, the one thing that separates the single from the married men- The Ring. Here is a collection of some of our favorite ring selections! When searching for the Groom’s ring, keep in mind that they should “go” together. Not only does that “ring shot” photo really stand out, the two of you should coordinate the styles in some way!


Ring Photo 1, Ring Photo 2Ring Photo 3, Ring Photo 4, Ring Photo 5, Ring Photo 6

Annnddd… I  couldn’t resist including this little gem-

This adorable flower girl got all dressed up with her grandfathers top hat & cane. You’re welcome.

Alex Hoyt And Alyssa Reichental Wedding

Photo by: Yvette Roman Photography

5 Tips for hosting a GREAT cocktail hour 150 150 La Fete Weddings

5 Tips for hosting a GREAT cocktail hour

The flow of a wedding day is extremely important to us, and after the wedding ceremony it is always our goal to make sure we get the guests over to cocktail hour as quickly as possible. We want to make sure that everyone, including family members and the wedding party, can relax and enjoy the celebration! Now, we all know that everyone LOVES a great cocktail hour. But what exactly is it that makes wedding guests have such a great time during that time?!? Here are our 5 tips for hosting a great cocktail hour so that your wedding guests enjoy that hour to the fullest.

1) The TOP priority for our events is to make sure that every guest has a cocktail in their hands within the first 5 minutes. There is nothing worse than a long line at the bar for any event! In order to avoid this at your wedding- talk to your caterer about having a large percent of their staff holding trays of pre-poured red wine, white wine, champagne/your specialty cocktail (optional) and water at the entrance of the cocktail hour space, so that you guests don’t all rush to the bar at once. This adds a welcoming touch to the cocktail hour and you will eliminate about 80% of your guests going to the bar. The people who do go to the bar will typically be ordering their choice of a mixed drink which should move quickly.

Cocktails- Good Gracious!        Photos- Yvette Roman

It is also important that you DO NOT choose a super time-consuming specialty cocktail. Sure… We all love a great craft cocktail, and don’t get me wrong- there are a few bartending services out there that have mastered the mass production of making them. But when you have to wait in line for a drink and every person before you is ordering the mojito which takes 5 minutes per cocktail, people are going to be annoyed. So make sure you choose a specialty cocktail that is either easy to make, or can be made ahead of time and poured immediately.

Cocktail & Bartender- Good Gracious!        Photo- Yvette Roman

 2) The second priority is food! The number of passed appetizers will typically be determined by the size of your group and your own personal preference.  We typically suggest a nice variety of around 5 or 6 passed hors d’oeuvres along with one food station. When you are selecting your hors d’oeuvres it is important to think about what you plan on serving your guests at dinner. If you have selected steak or sea bass for your main entree, you might consider serving a few light vegetarian appetizers, one shrimp, one chicken, and perhaps a crab cake or something along those lines so that your guests have a nice variety of food that day! Often times the food station is based on the client’s taste and desires… Cheese Displays, Raw Bars, and Crudités stations are the most popular choices. The food station can also help carry the theme throughout the event- such as an action station with wood fired flatbreads, cajun food or a taco station! Most wedding guests will eat a nice breakfast and avoid lunch, so when they arrive at the cocktail hour they are hungry- the food station offers immediate satisfaction for those guests!

Photo by: Joe Buissink

Food Display & Tray Passed Appetizers: Good Gracious!   Photos by: Melissa Musgrove

Last 3 Photos by: MiBelle Photography            Food by: Roomforty Catering

3) Creating a comfortable environment is extremely important for your guests to be able relax and enjoy their time. We like to design cocktail hour spaces with a combination of tall and short cocktail tables so that the elderly guests (and women in heels) have a place to sit down and everyone else has a place to set their drinks and enjoy a few passed hors d’oeuvres. These cocktail rounds are a great place to add a pop of color or develop a theme with your linen choices! If the budget allows, try adding in some comfortable furniture for your guests to lounge on. Your furniture choices and bar design can set the tone for the space and either give the party a cool/modern flair or a home/welcoming feeling.

Cocktail Hour Photography by: Melissa Musgrove

4) Background music is key for making your guests feel at ease. Whether you choose to have live musicians such as a spanish guitarist, jazz band, or string quartet- or you choose to play original tracks through a sound system- THERE MUST BE MUSIC! Music creates an atmosphere that can either make or break a party. The music that you choose will create a feeling & should match the overall theme of your event. So choose music that you enjoy listening too and makes you feel happy.

Musician Photos by: Melissa Musgrove

5)  Our final tip is making sure that your guests are comfortable.  Continue to watch the weather as your wedding date approaches. If your cocktail hour is outside in the heat, be sure to provide plenty of shade with cabana’s or large umbrellas for your guests to protect them from the sun! If your wedding is taking place in the fall/winter months you should consider bringing in additional heaters or passing around pashmina’s for the women to keep cozy.

Pashmina Photo by: Stephanie Hogue