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Why Some Brides Choose To Do a First Look 150 150 La Fete Weddings

Why Some Brides Choose To Do a First Look

Many of our brides and grooms struggle with deciding on whether or not they would like to see each other before the ceremony- also known as a “first look.” Speaking from my own experience as a bride- I am so grateful that I did! The first look allowed me to completely calm down & remember that the wedding day was just about me and my amazing husband. Being a wedding planner, I knew that I would be nervous before the ceremony- my stomach was in knots! No one can relate to that feeling until you are actually there in that moment!  But, when the time came for the first look I felt instantly at ease &  seeing Andrew took all of those nerves away.

(Photos by: Ashleigh Taylor Photography)

We find that the main reason why some brides choose to do a first look is so they are able to join the cocktail hour. Let’s be honest, sometimes cocktail hour is the best part of a wedding, and it is always more fun if the Bride & Groom are able to join in!  If you are willing to do the first look, the majority of your wedding photos will be done before the ceremony which allows you to join the party! If you choose to see each other when you are walking down the aisle, all of your photos with the two of you and your families/wedding party will need to be taken during cocktail hour.

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(Photos  by: Jessica Lewis Photography)

(Photos by: Ashleigh Taylor Photography)

The first look is a time for the Bride & Groom to thoroughly enjoy & savor this special moment. That moment to just be alone and take in the fact that you are about to become husband and wife!They are able to be real and show their raw emotions, instead of doing this in front of all of the wedding guests.  This moment, is something that only a first look can give you.

(Photos by: Melissa Musgrove Photography)

Top 5 Reasons Every Bride Should do a Pre-Bridal Photo Shoot 150 150 La Fete Weddings

Top 5 Reasons Every Bride Should do a Pre-Bridal Photo Shoot

This year I have the unique experience of being both a bride, and  a wedding planner. Most people thought I was probably going crazy juggling not only my own wedding, but about 8 others as well… But I really feel like I have a new appreciation for what each of our brides are going through. Today I think I will just focus on one area where I feel all brides can benefit from this advice- Top 5 reasons EVERY bride should do a pre-bridal photo shoot.

When a dear friend of ours Melissa Musgrove offered her help with this I knew I couldn’t pass on this opportunity, and I am so glad I did this! I had the best time with my mom and Melissa sipping champagne, getting into my dress, and enjoying each others company. So based on my own experience here are my thoughts on why a pre-bridal photo shoot is a necessity for every bride!

1) The comfort of knowing exactly what you will look like in your wedding dress a few days before your wedding. Most of the time we suggest that our brides have their hair and make up trial done on the day that they take their engagement photos. While we still stand behind that suggestion (since most photographers will appreciate that you had professional hair and make up done for those pictures) it is still difficult to imagine what you are going to look like with your wedding dress on. I was incredibly relieved to know how my hair, make up, dress, shoes, and accessories all worked together- it was like a dress rehearsal before the big day.

 2) You will find areas of your dress that still need altering. When you go in for your dress fittings, you only spend about 20-30 minutes max in you gown, and most of that time is spent standing in front of the mirror while your seamstress pins the tiny details & imperfections that her eye notices. It is a completely different experience being in your dress for about 2-3 hours. I moved in the dress, sat down, layed across the bed, and began to notice different areas where the dress was gathering incorrectly, or falling down a little, and tiny areas where the lace was behaving strangely. I was so thankful that I still had a final fitting where I could address these issues because they would have driven me crazy on the day of my wedding.

 3) You will feel more relaxed and comfortable on the morning of your wedding knowing that the photographer has already captured plenty of beautiful portraits of you. The morning of my wedding I didn’t feel like there was as much pressure on photos since I had already gotten a lot of them out of the way. This is also a great way to help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera, since that will  happen a lot on your big day!

4) Different Backgrounds/Change of scenery. Most of the time our brides get dressed and ready in their Santa Barbara hotel room which may not always be the the most glamourous background for photos. The pre-bridal shoot will give your photographer the opportunity to take your photos in either a studio, or a private outdoor setting that allows the photographer to control both the lighting and background.

5) Get creative & use the images. We like to recommend that our brides take a moment aside with your dad before he walks you down the aisle. This is the perfect time to give him a beautiful picture of you in your dress with a card expressing how much he means to you. You could do the same for your mother, grandparents, etc. This is a nice way to share your feelings for that special person and create a nice keepsake for them to remember your wedding.

Thank you so much Melissa Musgrove Photography for capturing a time and a memory that I will never forget. You created beautiful images that mean so much to me, my husband, and my parents. You are a blessing and a dear friend of ours and I really can’t thank you enough for the great experience you gave me!

Very special thank you to Cody Floral Design as well for designing the GORGEOUS bouquet for me that day as well! It was absolutely perfect and so great to have as a prop that day!