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Lauren and Edison: The Four Seasons Biltmore Wedding 150 150 La Fete Weddings

Lauren and Edison: The Four Seasons Biltmore Wedding

Lauren and Edison were some of the sweetest clients we have ever had the privilege of working with. From the moment we began planning their Four Seasons Biltmore wedding, they trusted our every opinion and that makes our job so pleasant! Their wedding was truly sophisticated in every way. We designed the table tops with mixed textures of table linens accompanied by a variety of different flower arrangements from Cody Floral Design. Then we added a ton of candles & wrought iron candleabras and when it all came together the room was magical. A very special thank you goes to Melissa Musgrove Photography for capturing all of these stunning images of their Four Seasons Biltmore wedding. For more details and images check out this weeks feature on Borrowed & Blue here! 

3 Tips on How To Choose The Perfect Color for Your Bridesmaids Dresses 150 150 La Fete Weddings

3 Tips on How To Choose The Perfect Color for Your Bridesmaids Dresses

Choosing colors for your wedding can be overwhelming these days. With endless options from hundreds of dress lines, and then Pinterest is showing you every style you could ever dream of and more… our brides often come to us in a panic! Well today I am going to share how to choose the perfect color for your bridesmaids dresses. The first thing we recommend is looking through photos of yourself (the bride) and figuring out what color looks best on you. That color should be what your bridesmaids are wearing. It’s that simple! All the time we hear, “Well, shouldn’t my girls be wearing colors that match my table linens and decor?” the answer is- Not necessarily. When was the last time you saw a picture of a bridesmaid standing next to the dining tables? It doesn’t happen. Your bridesmaids are always going to be photographed next to you and that is pretty much it. Check out some of our beautiful La Fete Brides & Bridesmaids for some examples of how to choose the perfect color for your bridesmaids dresses and see what works:

When deciding on colors and length you should consider the time of year that you are getting married. If you plan on having an outdoor wedding in the middle of summer, you should consider a shorter length dress and perhaps a fun pop of color. If you are getting married in the fall or winter and you plan on having a more formal attire wedding, I would opt for a longer dresses and colors that work with your skin tone.

Another tip is to think about your ceremony backdrop. Are you getting married in a very ornate church? Or in a garden? The color of your bridesmaids dresses should compliment the background, not fight it!

Since bridesmaid dresses are often not “One Size Fits All” I would recommend taking a few of your friends shopping for dresses with you. That way you will know what they feel most comfortable in and it makes for a very fun day with your girlfriends! Once you have picked up your bridesmaids dresses and your girls are all having them fitted and altered, we recommend asking them to have their seamstress hold on to the scraps of fabric. (Your florist will love you for this) These scraps will help your florist to design your  flowers in the right color scheme and can also be used to wrap the stems of their bouquets.